Home Board Parties


If planning a party for your home or business you’ll need to provide a few things…

  1. Minimum of 6 guests total that are ready for some fun! (This number could change depending on location: see traveling fee)
  2. The table/space for you guests (please set this table with table clothes if you feel it is necessary)
  3. Garbage bag or garbage can so we can throw away any materials
  4. Fan(s) to help the drying the process
  5. Place for guests to wash their hands


If planning a party at our Germantown location…

  • Minimum of 6 guests total that are ready for some fun!
  • We’ll provide the space and materials
  • Carry ins are welcome --feel free to bring in your own food/drinks
  • If you do bring in alcohol please know anyone who consumes it is liable for themselves and any thing that can occur at our facility. We are not responsible.
  • No rental fee for board party time
  • Subject to rental fee IF you rent out the space for longer than the board party usage


On the day of the event…

The representative from Wooden Wonders will bring 6-7 different colors of paint for lettering/images

Boards will come prestained so each guest can make a quality sign

The party will take 1.5-2 hours if we do every step from start to finish.  If the event does take over 2 hours the party is subject to an additional charge of $50 an hour. 


Picking your designs...

Stain color: Early American, Dark Walnut, Ebony, Pickled Oak or Gray

Board size:  10.5x14  --  11x14  --  14x14   --  17.5x24  --  9x36

Image: What image they are going to put on their sign with all the supporting details (ie. last name, established year or what not)

The host will be provided with a link for a Google form. Guests will be responsible for filling out and submitting the form in order to secure their order.

All parties close 7 days before the day of the event.


This and that…

Designs Galore!: The Wooden Wonders FB page is loaded with designs. We offer over 200+ so let people know they can pick from there too. https://www.facebook.com/woodenwonders44/

Custom Design: If someone wants a design that is not on the FB page there will be a $5 dollar drawing fee for each designs.

Plank Assembly: All plank styles will come pre-assembled so you won’t have to drill it the day the party. However, if you’d like to drill your own, please add it as a note when filling out your form.

Traveling Fee: If you are outside of 30 mile radius of our location there will be a traveling fee up to $100.00 to come out! We have four representatives that could be coming to your house -- we range from Campbellsport, Kewaskum, West Bend and Hartland area.

Weather Cancellation: We all know Wisconsin weather is not always on our side. If weather does become a problem, we will have to reschedule party for another day or the everyone can buy their boards as a kit for a discounted price.

Guest Cancellation: If a guest cannot make the event they will be responsible for paying for the stickers that were created- $10 for the small signs and $20 for the large signs.

Host Discount:  Hosts that hold a party at the shop will get ½ off their board. If multiply signs are done you get a discount for $10 off the 2nd sign.  ** At our Germantown location everyone pays full price for their boards. If you decide to do 2 boards you will get $10 off the second board.

To book a party, please provide us with 3 dates that will work for you and your guests.

We can also help you with custom made wood décor, vinyl needs, and home kits!
Mel Johnson
" May all your wooden dreams come true."



We offer a customized feel to the trending At Home Board Party. Wooden Wonders allows several different options for size, stain, and design.



fWhat is a Wooden Wonders "at home Board Party"?
Wooden Wonders is a family effort who love to be creative! We are a custom sign and rustic furniture company that also provides private and public painting parties for you and your friends, corporate events, children's birthday parties, couple events, Mommy/Daddy and Me events, and tailored evyour own home.  There is something for everyone!ents to meet your specifications. We pair instructional painting with friends and FUN! We bring the art studio to you! Enjoy a private painting party in the comfort of 
What do I need to host a party?
We supply all the materials needed for the making your custom signs. You will need tables to work on, waste containers for the paper scrap, and perferably fans to help signs dry.
How much does it cost?
Pricing varies for sign size and style from $30-40 per standard sign.
How long is the party?
The party is set for an alloted time of 1.5-2 hours max. 
How much experience do I need? 
None. Seriously. We walk you step-by-step through the painting process. 
Can we pick any design? 
People can pick from any design Wooden Wonders has created, and can be customized with guests names. Any other customizations are $5 extra charge. 
Are the stencils created before the party?
Yes, the stencils are ready before hand to help the party runs smoother. Everyone must submit their order 1 week prior to party date. 
Why are the boards stained before the party?
We do this option to help with time during the party. Plus this is the messiest part. 
How far in advance do we need to to get the orders in?
After the party date is confirmed and has 6 or more guests all orders need to be in at least 1 week before the party. 
Who can come? 
Typically our painting parties cater to adults, but we can custom tailor a party for all ages, individuals, groups, clubs, and organizations. The amount of people has no max from Wooden Wonders it is based on your space for comfortable working room. The minimum we ask for is 6.
What does a party host/hostess have to do?
We have a handy Host/Hostess checklist that we provide so that nothing falls through the cracks for your party. Basically you are responsible for a $30 non-refundable deposit; then invite your friends, work with us on choosing the designs for the event, and accept payment from each attendee. We take care of everything else so that the day of the event all you need to do is have a great time! Hosts that have a party in their home will receive 1/2 off their board. If you are having a party at our Germantown Location, everyone pays full price for their sign. 
What is your cancellation policy?
The $30 deposit that's required for private parties is non-refundable because we have to hold that date, order supplies, etc. You can transfer it to another date if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellation of a private party after that time frame forfeits the deposit. We understand that things happen and do our best to offer a flexible cancellation policy in the hopes that our clients will respect our time as well and do their best to honor their reservation. If a guest cannot make the event they will be responsible for paying for the stickers that were created- $10 for the small signs and $20 for the large signs.
What payment options do you offer?
You can reserve your party and pay thru email on our website. If you'd like to pay in person with cash, personal check or credit card. $30 return fee is applicable to any check that is returned to us from the bank.  
Any other questions email us at


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